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Machine designed to dice bacon stripes out of bacon pieces at a temperature of about -12°C (±5°C according to the concentration in salt).

The loading capacity of the machine is 700 x 300 x 120 mm, the machine accepts out of shape bacon pieces.

The bacon piece is pressed to get a 210 mm wide block, it is then pushed through a bi-dimensional cutting disk to produce bacon stripes from 4 mm to 11 mm of section according to the tools used.

This machine also allows the production of stamps (20 mm x 2 mm for example).

Working station to optimize the movements and moving of the operators.
A touch screen makes the communication easier between the operator and the machine. The screen includes a self-diagnostic system displaying a picture of the faulty component for example.

Productivity: 1 500 kg/h for bacon pieces from 3.00 kg to 3.50 kg / unit (cycle time of about 7.8 seconds to produce bacon stripes of 8 x 8 that is to say about 8 bacon pieces / minute with a 4-cuttings disk).
Loading capacity: 700 x 300 x 120
Power: electrical control, hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical power.
Materials: stainless steel and polymers
EHEDG hygienic norms
This material is in conformity with the following directives and bills:
Food contact: EC1935/2004
Good manufacturing practice: EC2023/2006
Machines: EC2006/42
CEM: EC 2004/108




This machine offers a top quality cutting which became THE reference onto the bacon stripes market. It includes a hydraulic press which allows to dice bacon pieces with a maximum bending of 120 mm.


The machine uses the EMSENS patented cutting device with 4 cutting tools by disk (6 as an option).


The MDL01 is a machine designed to dice 1500 kg of bacon stripes / hour (calculation based onto a bacon piece from 3 to 3.5 kg / unit).


The exit of the products is done thanks to a vibrating belt.


The distinction between waste and good products is done automatically thanks to a specific belt.


The machine is easy to clean and takes into account the constraints of the food industry.

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