Our technical department together with our highly qualified technicians design and manufacture machines for the food industry. They never stop innovating to offer new machines coming out of our production plant. They focus on our customers’ requests to optimize productivity.

With Emsens, you make the choice to invest in top quality machines for the food industry to safely reach your goals.

On top of the existing machines which we are constantly improving, we can work in partnership with our customers to offer a customised service to create the machine which will allow you to reach your goals. With an expert and sharpened eye, our teams are constantly looking for solutions to optimize and improve the production of food products within your production factories.

Our polyvalent team is strong enough to create machines which technically answer to very specific needs and solve many problems taking into account the strictest safety criteria.

We are designing your complete customised machine for the food industry for your production factory, not only do we make the exchange between the machine and the operator easier with screens but we also design mechanical devices or create software.

Experimented in technological innovation, our company has various patents which offer our customers from the food industry the possibility to increase their productivity whatever their size (big or small companies). For example, our teams develop innovating machines making the production easier and increasing the productivity of square industrial kebabs, home-made looking kebabs, machines for cutting, machines for cutting turkey osso-bucco, machines to bind salamis…

We can solve out your most concise general technical requests by producing customised machines.

  • Emsens CFIA 2014

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