automatic skewer

Single skewering machine Tradition

Machine which allows the introduction and skewering of various ingredients.

It is possible to skewer a wide range of ingredients including meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and all the other processed products.

Ingredients are prepared, cut and introduced manually into a mould especially designed for the kebab to be produced.

The quantity of staff working on the machine defines the length of the ingredients introduction area. This length may vary according to the complexity of the kebab to be produced and the quantity of ingredients.

Maximum production rate of the machine: 1 200 cycles/hour that is to say 1 200 kebabs/hour.
Autonomy: about 4 hours (the hopper countains about 5 000 skewers)
Power: electrical control and pneumatic power
Materials: stainless steel and polymers
This material is in conformity with the following directives and bills :
Food contact: EC1935/2004
Good manufacturing practice: EC2023/2006
Machines: EC2006/42
CEM: EC 2004/108


Single skewering machine Tradition

The kebabs produced have a home-made looking.

Adjustable speed.

Working station to optimize the movements and moving of the operators.

The machine is easy to clean and takes into account the constraints of the food industry.

A touch screen makes the communication easier between the operator and the machine. The screen includes a self-diagnostic system displaying a picture of the faulty component for example.

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