New skewer ejection system

The 31st Tradition Evolution Machine is leaving our factory already!
This latest generation of homemade looking kebab machine has been expertly designed to meet the expectations of our customers, to improve the comfort of production for operators & to also achieve the highest quality look of the kebabs.

More ergonomic and easier to clean thanks to its remote-control panel, the Tradition Evolution is a versatile machine that allows high-speed production of skewers with a “handmade” look while maintaining the strict standards related to Agri-food constraints.

But that is not all! To guarantee an irreproachable final product quality, EMSENS has revised its current skewer ejection system to develop a brand-new softer process. The skewers now finish their run on a belt made of poly-strings, for delicate transport, without breaking down the product to the packaging line.

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