The MF family is growing !
Bigger and more powerful, the last innovation has been able to adapt to the most bulky products.
Thanks to the MF03, the range is now complete for netting process on small, medium and large products.

Don’t wait to discover the whole range.

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EMSENS attended the FOOMA in Tokyo last June 2017 (13-16) on its partner’s stand ONO Corporation, dealing with machinery for the food industry in Japan and South Korea.

The automatic netting machine was displayed for the first time in Asia and has been really well received from the visitors.

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The MF03, 3rd generation for the MF range, this machine now allows the handling of bulky products. With its larger loading chamber, the MF03 is able to net products up to 170 mm diameter.

Why not a whole pork loin ?

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Not only does Emsens manufacture machines for square kebabs but also machines for cutting specific products such as cubes or matches, Emsens can answer and adapt its machinery according to the requests of its customers.
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EMSENS, leader in the World

EMSENS, leader in the World

Emsens company is the  leader in the world as regards manufacturing and designing machines for the food industry. Square kebabs or home-made looking production machinery, osso bucco cutting, machines for snacking, salami binding, bacon dicing, Emsens range is wide and answers to the specific requests of the food industry actors.
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Emsens in brief

French cooked pork meats industry: export hopes

The French federation of butchers, caterers and meat processors (FICT) has just published the consumption figures linked with the French cooked pork meat industry. Cooked pork meat consumption at home increased by 1.2% reaching 835 000 tons in 2013 inspite of a global production decrease of 1.4% this year.
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  • Netting machine MF01

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    Emsens exhibited at IFFA Frankfurt 2019 (hall8 stand A69). There, we presented you our machine MF01 which enables to put an elastic net automatically around a piece of meat.

    It is a revolution: the machine cuts a piece of net according to the length you defined and then it puts this net carefully around the roast.

    The process can be divided in 3 parts:

    First, loading of a net length around the tube

    Second, transfer of the tube toward the piece of meat. This meat has been dropped off beforehand by a machine operator.

    Third, discharge of the netted meat through a conveyor belt.


    QUALITY: The transfer from the tube to the meat enables to work with delicate products and/or needing a meticulous packaging. Thus, we can easily add decoration components such as: bay leaf, thyme, bard…

    PRODUCTIVITY: The pace depends on the length of the meat, however we can produce until 600 units/hour.

    SECURITY & ERGONOMIC: The machine operator doesn’t need neither to push the meat nor to cut it, it avoids risks of accidents or MSDs (Musculoskeletal disorders)

  • Emsens CFIA 2014

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