You use an automatic machine for square kebabs.

Stand out, move out from round to gunshaped skewers in only few minutes, with a kit at a lower price and available within 3 weeks.

EMSENS propose you a kit for EAB/ELB kebab machines which allows to change the aspect of your kebabs without having to change your machine.

Kit available within 3 weeks after confirmation/validation of the bamboo skewer and kebab to produce.

Change the looking of the kebab in only 4 steps:

  1. Get a Kit
  2. Installation of the mechanical parts on your machine
  3. Start a cycle as usually using the special mold and pres-skewer set included with the Kit
  4. Insert the bamboo skewer into the mold

The installation is fast and without needing the intervention of EMSENS staff.
The Kit is delivered with a deteiled technical book.

For a section different from the actual version of your machine, please contact us.

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