TPM: flexibility in the skewers’universe.

With the new TPM, you have flexibility in the skewers’ universe.

Handmade skewers for everyone!

  • Meat lovers,
  • Flexitarians,
  • Vegetarians,
  • Vegans.

Different food categories can be considered such as meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and other processed products.

Traditional skewer, Yakitori or Satay version on bamboo skewers.

A multitude of possibilities opens up to you for the layout of your production line, allowing for flexibility in the rates and volumes.

The TPM for a small production:

  • One machine and a few trays are enough.

The TPM for an evolving production:

  • Additional trays can be purchased to meet the growing demand.

The TPM for different skewers:

  • A new project? another shape will be designed for additional trays.

Each tray allows the production of 4 to 6 skewers simultaneously.

The ingredients are prepared, potentially cut and then manually positioned in the shapes.

At each cycle, the machine skewers one tray while the operators fill the other ones.

The productivity of the machine will depend on the number of trays and their supply speed.

The design of the shape is customized: it is specific to your product and your machine.

Machine available in 2 versions:

TPM01 for bamboo flag sticks

TPM02 for cylindric sticks


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