Skewering Kebab line “High Productivity”

Ligne ELB01 600x400

In order to maximize the productivity of its skewering kebab line, EMSENS designed a complete production line including a skewering machine ELB01, an automatic skewer loader KAP, some motorised conveyors and some tray holders.

The production lines includes a preparation table on which the moulds are filled and gives access to 5 to 7 people. The moulds are filled continuously as passing from an operator to another. The table includes an upper part for plastic trays countaining cut vegetables. An intermediary conveyor carries the meat to each operator. Some working stations can be equipped with a shelf to hold the layers of fat to be introduced into the mould if necessary. At the end of the filling station, the weight of the moulds is automatically checked.

The introduction of the wooden skewers into the skewer tube assembly is automatically processed by the automatic skewer loader KAP. One operator only introduces the moulds into the skewering machine ELB01 which presses the mould in order to spread the meat homogeneously, skewers and cuts.

This high speed line uses specific moulds studied for an automatic exit of the kebabs. The operator dedicated to take the kebabs out of the moulds can put the kebabs onto a conveyor going to the packaging machine, the empty moulds go back automatically to the preparation table and so to the operators thanks to a modular belt.

Ligne ELB01 (2) 600x400

This line was designed to minimize the movements of the operators and to prevent them from carrying heavy weights. These 2 targets are fulfilled.

This line allows to produce up to 1200 to 1400 kg / hour.

Most of the parts are made of shot peened stainless steel and of polyethylen. According to the request of the customers, the usual white plastic parts can be made in colour (blue …).

These lines have already been commissioned in France, Australia, Italy, Portugal….


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