An optimal hygienic design.

Hygiene in the food industry is subject to ever stricter rules.
Companies in this sector are legally responsible for the safety of the food produced, stored, sold and transported.

The standards for hygiene in the food industry are developed by national or international organizations, such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). They are very important because they help factories to constantly produce healthy food in compliance with the applicable health regulations.

However, hygienic design goes beyond compliance with standards and guidelines.

A good design avoids many problems later on.

Emsens machines have been fully designed in accordance with the guidelines of regulatory agencies to meet the highest requirements for food hygiene.

Emsens machines are distinguished by a completely new design:

  • Lack of retention zone
    No flat surfaces, resulting in stagnation of water and bacteria after cleaning.
  • Absence of hollow parts
    Design of a “folded sheet metal” frame with a thickness of 3mm, with inclined planes, which avoids:
    The storage of products, containers on the machine.
    The stagnation of the cleaning water thus avoiding microbial development.
  • Removal of screws and bolts
    Offering smooth surfaces that prevent the accumulation of bacteria and are easier to clean.
  • Removal of all plastic hinges
    Creation of more resistant and hygienic stainless steel hinges.
  • Waterproofness between the technical and the working area
    This avoids cross-pollution.
  • A fully enclosed and secure machine
    Preventing the intrusion of foreign bodies into the machine.

Thanks to the consideration of all these points during their design, Emsens machines are faultless in compliance with the strict hygienic standards imposed by the food industry.


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