Increase your business, be the next owner of an ELB01!

An ELB01 it’s :

  • 1,400 kg of kebabs per hour
  • A custom-made tooling for rectangular or squared kebabs’ section
  • A hygienic and ergonomics production line
  • A 2.0 machine, connected for an efficient after sales service
  • A worldwide presence from Sao Paulo to Sidney through Lisbon

The hybrid machine for tying up your fuets and dry sausages !

Emsens innovates with the ATE04, a hybrid machine able to switch from dry sausage production (small twines) to fuet production (large…

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EMSENS joins the EHEDG training program

EMSENS has always attached great importance to ensuring that its machines meet the food safety requirements of its customers. This…

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TPM: flexibility in the skewers’universe.

With the new TPM, you have flexibility in the skewers’ universe. Handmade skewers for everyone! Meat lovers, Flexitarians, Vegetarians, Vegans….

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