Where is Emsens factory situated ?

Since it has been created in 1961, Emsens has always been situated in the industrial area called Ondaine area and more precisely in Fraisses, ZA du Parc next to Firminy, in the South of the Loire county. This area is well known for its know-how in metallurgy and so allows Emsens to deal with local partners at 90%. Emsens enjoys an extraordinary dynamic local economy. After working many years as a subcontractor for the famous CALF, Emsens carried on expanding in this particular industrial area called « Ondaine » and became one of the leaders in designing and manufacturing machines for the food industry defending the « Made in France » value.

Which kind of products can be processed on Emsens machines ?

Emsens is designing and manufacturing machines for the food industry worldwide. Our machines, manufactured in Fraisses, in the Loire county includes processes to cut and sort out and equipments for food processing.

Our range includes patented machines to produce home-made looking, square and rectangular meat kebabs, bacon stripes, meat cubes, machines to tye salami, to dispense trays or to cut osso bucco.

Not only do we design and manufacture the kind of machines listed above, but we also create customised machines to answer specific requests. Our know-how allows us to stand by our customers’ needs evolution and leads us to be one of the leader in the world as regards conception of machines for the food industry.

Where can I find a Emsens distributor ?

You will find the list of our distributors in the world on our contact page with the corresponding details for each of them so as you can easily be in touch.

Thanks to a distributors network throughout the world, Emsens machinery is available all over Europe, in South America, in Oceania….

What are Emsens machines capacities ?

The machines developped in our workshop can answer to many needs and requests. For over 40 years, our machines have been commissioned in the food factories worldwide in order to cut, sort out, reduce, pack or skewer all kind of food products : kebabs, bacon stripes, cubes, osso bucco….Emsens machines offer many possibilities. On top of that, we are having our own technical department which allows us to develop new machines and answers to specific requests. We can design a unique and new machine which corresponds to the very specific request of one of our customers.  One of our strenght is to adapt ourselves.

Are Emsens machines delivered and commissioned ?

The machines (new or second-hand) we are selling are all checked according to very strict procedures. This guarantees their quality and reliability. They are then shipped and commissioned by Emsens in your production factory. Our teams take time to adjust the machine and teach the future operators how to run it. Communication between the operator and the machine is optimized thanks to a touch panel studied and developed to be as easy as possible.

Your order is registered and shipped with care. It is part of the service we are committed to offering our customers.

Are Emsens machines safe ?

Our machines have all been designed to offer the best safety to the operators using it.

On top of being easy to run thanks to a touch screen which makes the communication between the operator and the machine comfortable and offers a faulty component detection, our machines are built respecting precise manufacturing procedures. The manufacturing standards followed by Emsens offer a constant safety for the operators.

How to contact Emsens team ?

Just go to our contact page and click onto the person you need to contact. We will come back to you as soon as possible.