A new visual identity for our company: plain, modern and efficient

Emsens has a new look with a new logo, the fourth one since the creation of the company 60 years ago.

“Today, the machine of tomorrow” means we continue to design and provide solutions dedicated to the food industry:

  • Innovative but easy to use equipment;
  • Technological machines for everyone: micro-enterprises, SMEs or large groups.

Personalized support for the development for new projects is in our DNA, “French Innovation Inside” takes up this concept of openness towards others.

Innovation is the result of our ideas combined with proven concepts, this global approach involves the integration of new skills within our team by favouring youth and new perception of our profession.

It is in this dynamic that we imagine our future, open to the world but always anchored in the daily reality of our customers

By revisiting our communication, we want to initiate a real change in customer relations. Closer, we are attentive in all phases of a project:

  • The collaborative design of your solution;
  • Its implementation;
  • Its monitoring throughout its life cycle (after-sales service, spare parts)

contact us

Z.A. du Parc – 42490 Fraisses – France
Tél. : +33 (0)4 77 56 03 78