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Automatic trays dispenser


This machine allows the trays storage and supply. many tray types are recognized by the DAB01. several stacks can be stored in the machine reserve.
Machine on small castors.

Flexible machine with several settings which allow to adapt different sizes of trays. Adjustable cadence for the tray’s distribution.

possibility for this machine to be controled by a pedal or through the screen touch.
The ergonomics of the loading post optimizes gestures and movements of the operator.
The cut product falls down into a EUROPEAN type tray without the necessity to use conveyor belt.
Easy to clean thanks to the design made according to agri-food requirements.
A screen touch allows a better communication between the operator and the machine with an intuitive interface equipped with a troubleshooting.

Productivity: DAB01 can supply until 45 trays per minute
Autonomy: Maximum loading of 600 trays
Sizes: 750 x 600 mm

Power: Electric control; hydraulic power, pneumatic and electricity.
Materials: stainless steel and polymer

Alimentary contact: EC1935/2004
Good manufacturing practice: EC2023/2006
Machines: EC2006/42
CEM: EC 2004/108


Situated near Saint-Etienne (Loire – France), Emsens has been designing and manufacturing machines for the food industry. Equipped with its own technical department, Emsens has the know-how to create machines able to answer to all the requests of its customer. The range of machines developped by Emsens specialized technicians includes : Skewering kebab machines (home-made looking, square or rectangular, manual or automatic skewering), cubing and dicing machines (bacon stripes, stamps, matches), osso buco cutting machine, automatic tray dispensers or even binding salami machines.