Skewering machine TRADITION for gun-shaped skewers

TRADITION piques drapeauxFrench and European kebab producers have been looking for a machine able to skewer gun-shaped skewers for quite a while. EMSENS developped a machine in partnership with its Belgium distributor, the company CONDROMAT allowing to use that kind of skewers in shape of gun.

Because of its specific shape, this skewer cannot be easily stored in high quantities and its automatic selection is difficult. it was a tricky task but EMSENS Technical Department succeeded in designing  a new mechanical process in order to solve this problem out. The selection and the skewering are 100% automatic.

The running of this machine is based onto the double skewering machine TRADITION’s running which success and reliability is well known. More than 150 machines have been commissioned for the last 10 years.

The skewering machine for gun-shaped skewers offers a productivity of 1800 kebabs / hour, it includes the double skewering as well as the automatic ejection of the products.

It is possible to produce kebabs composed of meat which can be marinated or not, meat + vegetables on gun-shaped skewers from 120 mm to 180 mm. EMSENS is now studying the possibility to run shorter skewers for snacks.

This machine has been running the whole 2015 BBQ season in VANDENBOGAERDE ‘s premises in Menen – Belgium. This material has been on the market since last summer, it is available for orders directly placed to EMSENS or to our retailers. This machine is patented worldwide.

Please contact our commercial staff for any further request.

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